Team Practices

Team practices will take place rain or shine at Lake Julian in Arden. The Laurels "Wok and Row", Mission's "Sync IT", "hoSPICE of Life", and the Outpatient "Rehab Runners" survived their first practice session on Wednesday, June 21st, 2017.

CarePartners Night at Native Kitchen & Social Pub

In support of the CarePartners Orthotic and Prosthetic Team, The Native Kitchen & Social Pub will host an all-day fundraising event on Thursday, June 22nd, 2017. Fifteen percent of sales will be donated to support the CarePartners Orthotic and Prosthetic Department. Please bring a few friends and have lunch or dinner at Native Kitchen!


LeeHaw Photo Booth

Eblen Short Stops has sponsored a professional photo booth for the race. Leehaw's website explains that: "Our company name is based on our combined nicknames of Lee & Yeehaw, as one of us is a Tennessee native with a “nickname worthy” accent. More importantly, we are a small family business and treat all business relationships as an extension of that family. " Photo Booth pictures will be free for everyone on race day! Make sure you share your pics across social media and email accounts. 

Know Your Dragon Boat Slang

Paddling Terms Used in Dragon Boat Racing

  • SIT UP – paddles in the relaxed position, parallel over the water pointed at 90 degrees to the side of the boat.
  • PADDLES UP – paddles above the water ready to take a stroke. Commonly used for starting the movement of the boat in a non-race situation
  • TAKE IT AWAY – command to start paddling.
  • LET IT RUN (or EASY ALL) – paddling stops and boat coasts to a stop on its own.
  • HOLD THE BOAT – bringing the boat to a full stop with the use of the paddles.
  • READY, READY – race command in a start situation for paddles to be placed in position for the first stroke (submerged or out of water).
  • SERIES – a combination of strokes during a race, often a set of 10 or 20 strokes that are quicker and more forceful.


  • ROWING – rowers use oars, therefore they are rowers. Dragon boaters use paddles therefore they are paddlers. You do not row a dragon boat!
  • COXSWAIN – steersperson of the boat, often incorrectly referred to a coxman. In this area commonly called the “cox”.